Donald Trump Had Me Like

 Jessica Simpson Yawn

Oh, god! It happened again! I was watching Donald Trump on Jimmy Kimmel's late nite show this week, and I kept yawning every time The Orange One opened his face. I was virtually incapacitated for the entire interview. I thought about leaving the room to regain my composure, but I felt I had to stick it out in order to experience the affects first hand. It was awful. Here is a portion of that interview:

Granted, it was late at night when I watched this interview live on Wednesday. I was a little sleepy, but I'm a nite owl. I'm in normal yawn mode starting at about 12 a.m. CST which is way past when the first line of late nite hosts are off the air. As a result of my yawning fit, I have no idea what came out of Mr. Tiny Hands' pie hole and into Kimmel's ears. But watching this clip again, while I divert my eyes from Trump and just listen, my yawns aren't as bad.

Jimmy Kimmel Esquire Narcolepsy

For some reason, it appears as if Kimmel can hold his yawns against Trump better than me. It's probably because he's a professional. He's been a television talk show host for so long, he can stay awake for the most boring celebrities. I mean, he has had a lot of practice with his cohort Adam Carolla. (See picture above.) Maybe someday I'll be able to withstand yawning in Trump's presence for the length of a late night TV talk show interview. Someday.