Meme - Well Played

Well Played Maternity Ward Well Played 

I saw this pic on George Takei's Facebook feed with this message: "Reposting, just in Kate you didn't see it earlier." Ugh! Yeah, it made me laugh even though I have no use for the next royal baby. I guess I should care because Germany supposedly runs in the blood of the British Royal Family, so I forwarded this picture to my mom and her sister who are both registered nurses since Kate Middleton is in labor.

But I don't really care all that much because that same rich German blood hasn't done much for me and my German-American brood personally. You could say that we're not on speaking terms ever since this estranged branch hoarded much of the wealth and participated in a number of wars since the Middle Ages. My nearest kin immigrated to America to seek economic opportunities and avoid conflicts.

However, the British Royal Family is, I suppose, a part of my extended family and, as such, should be treated with respect, honor, and love, like others of German heritage: Halle Berry, Asia Carrera, Zach De La Rocha, Cameron Diaz, Amber Lee Ettinger (aka Obama Girl), Derek Jeter, Bruce Lee, Rebecca Lobo, Masuimi Max, Olivia Munn, Nia Peeples, Freddie Prinze, and Mario Van Peebles. I know I left some out...

We German-Texans are traditionally big on birthday celebrations. My grandma, for example, will have a huge party next year in honor of her 100th solar return. We're planning on keeping the event small with her seven kids and their partners, her grandkids and great-grandkids, and her other two million German-Texan cousins. It'll be a great cake day. I can feel it.

I hope that my grandma won't suffer from the Kate Middleton effect because I doubt she will be able to birth another baby at her age. Hopefully, she has not been watching television news during the time of Kate Middleton's pregnancy. I really haven't been keeping up with grandma's media habits like I should. I guess I'm not a good grandson, huh? Well, she is a big girl after all. She can handle herself.

There's a point in time when seniors become seniors and henceforth quit collecting and consuming so much stuff. Their material needs dwindle near to or around zero. New people, on the other hand, start acquiring goods like pickles and ice cream before entry into existance. I imagine one of the first news stories published soon after Kate Middleton's pregnancy is whether she breast feeds, nourishes her kid from formula, or what? 

I hear that the super wealthy in China are now drinking human milk to show off their new found money. How about that? Drinking milk from humans is a sign of conspicuous consumption. I would thought the elites in China would seek out the milk of nearly extinct wilder animals. We're not going extinct any time soon. Far from it. Until dophins start vanishing, we'll be fine. Forty-two, y'all. Forty-two.