Yawnald Trump Strikes Back

 Donald Trump Poster Yawn Shepard Fairey small

It's getting worse. Much worse. 

It's used to be that I would yawn when I saw Donald Trump on television [link]. Then, it wouldn't matter what he said or how he said it; I would just yawn uncontrollably. I thought I was getting better at stopping my yawns before they happened [link]. Now I yawn when I merely think of The Orange One. It's past the point that I say his name in my mind and I yawn. Let me explain...

It was nearly the first day of summer one morning. I was just about to begin a short road trip. My eye caught a glimpse of a beam of orange light flashing off a window. Suddenly, the image of Trump entered my mind, and without skipping a beat, I began to yawn. Luckily I hadn't traveled too far or else I would have run off the highway. 

I returned to inside the house, and when I switched on the light, I began yawning again. The blinds were open and a car passed by reflecting the sunlight off the windshield, and I instantly yawned again. I normally yawn as a sign that my body is ready for bed. But these yawns I experience during the day when I'm feeling wide awake are something completely different.

In fact, it took me several hours to complete this blog post because I kept thinking about the light in relation to Trump and yawning each time thereafter.

Needless to say, it's going to be a long summer and even longer election season.